Coronavirus Statement

BBE Training continues to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation Nationally, and the safety of our employees, customers, and partners is our top priority.

In conjunction with our Group Safety Committee, we have already implemented additional precautions both internally for our staff and externally for our customers, delegates, partners, and wider supply chain.

We have been evaluating our business’s position considering the COVID-19 outbreak and Government directives. During this time, we decided to temporarily close. However, after investigating what support levels we could offer our learners, we have decided to re-open.

Whilst our offices remain closed, we are nowhere to remotely support you again.

Further to our last communication, learner support is now being maintained with uninterrupted service, along with full availability to your tutors and of all online materials.

Our tutors will now continue to offer support, assess work, and provide feedback whilst our offices are closed, thereby allowing you to continue with your studies.

The details of the control measures we have put in place are listed below:

  • Control measures relating to customers, delegates, partners, and wider supply chain:
  • Additional sanitiser stations are to be added to training centre entry points
  • Additional advice signage has been added to training centres such as; “Catch it, Bin it, Kill” it as well as specific advice for educational sectors
  • Hand washing advice to be added into welfare facilities
  • Increased contracted cleaning services with specific instructions to daily disinfect all frequently touched surfaces
  • Gloves issued to staff cleaning delegate rest areas. Cleaning will also be carried out with disposable wipes
  • Internal staff have been nominated to clean down frequently touched areas throughout the day
  • Video conferencing should be considered for external meetings
  • Ensure adequate provision of antibacterial handwashes/soap in all toilet facilities
  • Stagger delegate breaks to reduce highly populated delegate canteens and increase clear ups
  • The Senior Leadership Team and the Group Safety Committee have signed up to Public Health England Alerts
  • Communicate with our partners and supply chain on the actions we have taken and ensure that they are also implementing similar control measures

Internal control measures relating to employees:

  • Where possible, we are encouraging video conferencing for meetings and reducing all nonessential travel
  • Ensure sick leave policy is flexible and consistent with public health guidance and that employees are reminded of these policies
  • Employees who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness are recommended to self-isolate for a period of 7 days as per the current Government guidelines. Before returning to work, employees must be clear of signs of a fever, and any other symptoms for at least 24 hours, without the use of symptom-altering medicines (e.g. cough suppressants)
  • All employees have been issued with a tissue box and encouraged to sneeze and cough into tissues and then properly dispose of them
  • Ensure adequate provision of antibacterial handwashes/soap in all toilet facilities
  • Inform employees that some people may be at higher risk for severe illness, such as older adults and those with chronic medical conditions
  • Ask Managers to prepare for possible increased numbers of employee absences due to staff illness or their family members
  • Cross-train team members (if relevant) to perform essential duties so that the businesses can operate if key staff members are absent
  • Reduce physical contact such as handshaking
  • Share the plan with employees and explain what (if any) revised policies and pay and benefits will be available to them in the event of an emergency scenario
  • Reduce desk sharing or “hot desking” where possible
  • Staff returning from leave will be contacted before their return to work to check if they have visited any high-risk areas. Anyone who has visited a high-risk area will be advised to self-isolate, as per the current Government advise
  • We are reviewing working from home policy and arranging additional facilities to enable wider remote working

We will continue to follow the World Health Organisation and UK Government guidelines relating to COVID-19.

Given the changing nature of the situation, our control measures and policies surrounding COVID-19 may change and be updated. We will continue to communicate these where applicable.

We aim to provide training in the safest environment possible.

Kind Regards – BBE Training Leadership Team

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About BBE Training

Established in 2012, BBE Training is run by a dedicated and experienced team that has a wealth of industry knowledge. The management team is composed of Learning and Development professionals, experienced and highly qualified assessors, and internal quality assurers along with a team of tutors that are recognised within their sectors. The senior management team has come from various backgrounds with quality being the focus of everything we do.

We have a proven track record and a wealth of experience in guiding and supporting our clients in the learning and development of their people. With an annual group turnover of over ten million, BBE Training is experienced in working with delegates across a range of industries.

BBE Training courses will help you develop your or your team’s competencies and skill sets, encouraging reflection as part of the learning process from both the courses attended and from personal experience in the workplace.

Our clients come from a diverse range of industries and professions. However, they all have one thing in common, they recognise the importance of quality training and up-skilling and need a convenient way for this to be delivered. Our online learning suits everyone that requires flexibility, support, and an understanding of their business needs.

With the provision of subject specialist links and mentors, specific focus will be given to your development. We hope that you will be able to make the most of the opportunities offered, to step back from the immediate demands of the workplace to reflect on your profession as well as your job. Furthermore, we hope that you will enjoy your own professional development and will consider continuing to further studies, experience, and research as part of the professional philosophy of lifelong learning.

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Why choose BBE Training

Personal Support for everyone

All of us here at BBE Training understand that every single one of our customers is different. We know that everyone has very different support needs and has very different circumstances before they start a course.

Understanding individual learner’s needs is a cornerstone of quality teacher training and practice. As specialists in delivering education and training, this forms the foundation of how we treat all our customers.

This is just one of the reasons why we provide unlimited support from a dedicated tutor that will get to know you as a person from the very start. Continuity provides understanding.

Flexible options for all

Our courses are designed to be delivered in a variety of ways giving you truly flexible options as the customer. We have designed our courses so they can be studied either online or via distance learning or even by attending open courses at one of our many centres.

Corporate customers can choose a mixture of delivery methods depending on operational convenience.  We can either come to you to deliver a classroom format in-house or you can choose one of our many nationwide centres.

Professional and accredited

BBE Training is part of the Citrus Group and as a result of this, we have over 25 accreditations with industry recognised awarding bodies, access to over 120 assessors and delivery centres all over the UK including our head office training centre.

We have been awarded direct claims status because of our robust and secure policies and systems. Our professional approach has resulted in an ever-growing customer base with professional organisations looking for a partner they can trust.

Quality assurance and tailored support have made us the supplier of choice for the Metropolitan Police, NHS Trusts, many schools, care homes, and many large private sector organisations including Adidas, Jet2, and Skanska.

Real People with real experience

BBE Training has been built on the back of honesty and integrity with a focus on excellent customer service to every single person that we speak to. Simply put we recruit only those who genuinely care.

All our tutors are put through rigorous inductions and training sessions to ensure the highest standards of delivery and support are provided to all our customers. We guarantee that all our delivery teams are fully qualified and have the right industry experience to give you the support that you need. The Centre staff are recruited for their excellent focus on detail and shared values. Everyone that works with us is offered ongoing professional development opportunities to help them grow and develop new skills meeting the requirements of our accreditations too.

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1-2-1 Support

Every course that is delivered by BBE Training has dedicated 1-2-1 tutor support. We firmly believe that 1-2-1 support has many benefits, continuity, and understanding of the customers’ needs are central to our customer service ethos.

Experience has shown us that learners that have a single dedicated support tutor have a better experience generally. Consistency from a marking perspective is critical and this is best served when a learner has a single point of contact.

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BBE Training Centres

BBE Training is accredited to deliver a broad range of courses and has excellent facilities enabling classroom or conference style delivery for small groups or large corporate bookings alike.

We are accredited as a training provider with centres across the UK being available all year round for any course type or AAT exams for those studying AAT qualifications. We offer flexible opening hours and can accommodate single assessments or cohorts of up to 20 delegates per session.

By choosing BBE Training you will be safe in the knowledge that your day will be as stress-free as possible. This is what makes our assessment centre stand out from other providers – allowing you to focus on starting your day in the correct frame of mind.

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What our customers say...

Feedback is very important to us. Here are some of our customer’s testimonials.

  • "I was very happy with the assessment centre and the service provided by BBE Training. I was made to feel very welcome and the surroundings were perfect for sitting my assessment."

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