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No need to travel to a Centre with our recorded option of delivery.

Micro Teach Delivery (recorded)                                                                               

Pearson Edexcel and TQUK, have announced new guidelines for learners that wish to record their own micro teach session. This will need to meet strict specification criteria and need to include the following:

  • Clear visual quality
  • Clear audio quality
  • Have minimum of 3 persons present to deliver to and gain feedback from. (We will provide feedback templates)
  • All persons need to be in camera view for the complete session and introduce themselves and give the date and the purpose for being there.
  • Your session will need to be recorded, uploaded as ‘unlisted’ to www.youtube.com and the link forwarding across to your tutor to observe.

To complete this unit, you are required to do a total of 1 hour of delivery and observations. We recommend that you deliver your session for 20 minutes. You will observe and give written feedback on at least one other presentation. We will provide this for you to watch as a high quality recording of one of our learners that has already completed the course. This will give you the hour you need to pass this unit.

 To complete your micro teach via Skype all you need is:

1)  Sufficient broadband width for Skype

2) A Skype account (easy to set up and use)

3) Three colleagues or associates to observe your presentation (minimum)

4)  A smart phone or lap top with a camera and Skype as an app to view and stream your micro teach session.

Please note: It is essential that you know how to download your recording to a computer to save as a disk before you start the delivery of your micro teach if you are using a smart phone.

We will provide everything else that you need to complete your Skype micro teach

The Award in Education and Training Level 3 requires that all learners deliver a micro teach session that is a minimum of 20 minutes long.  The awarding body is very particular in how this must be carried out and there is a strict criterion that must be followed to ensure that all standards are maintained.

The awarding body that we use for this qualification specifies that:

  • The learner delivers to a minimum of 3 people that can give written feedback.
  • The Tutor needs to observe the micro teach either live or by observing a recording to be able to give feedback.
  • The recording needs to be of sufficient clarity.
  • The learner needs to observe another micro teach session and give written feedback with the forms provided. You can choose any of the examples provided within this module as your observation.

It is your responsibility to have access to peers to deliver your session to. You will also need to record this and send to your tutor as portfolio evidence if not delivered via Skype.

NB: Only micro teaching recordings will be accepted as portfolio evidence when recorded or delivered in real time via Skype as part of the presentation.

You need to ensure that your peers give full permission. Each of the 3 peers will complete the feedback forms for you to have as part of your portfolio.

NB: It is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient IT equipment and broadband width to be able to deliver with clear audio and visual quality. Each of the 3 observers will also need to be visually present at some point in the delivery for quality assurance.

Your Skype delivery will need to show all those that are present and be of good quality visually and be audible. Please remember that even if you deliver via Skype live to your tutor, you will still need to record and send to us as part of your portfolio of evidence.

What our customers say...

Feedback is very important to us. Here are some of our customer’s testimonials.

  • "I would like to thank you for the certificate and the outstanding provision and training provided throughout the BBE course. I was worried about my ability to complete the course via distance learning but the support and guidance by my tutor and the BBE Team was invaluable and the qualification provided me with a much better understanding for teaching first aid."

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